Preordered: Wii Sports Resort


Now I´ve preordered Wii Sports Resort! I´m pretty excited about Wii Motionplus and the new door of possibilities that opens for the Wii! The release date for Europe is set for July 27th, and I might do some videos of it (if I get the time).

Sit down and watch this awesome video tour by Josh Thomas of!

This game looks sweet!

Xbox 360 - two days left!


In two days, I´m a happy Xbox 360 owner! Achivements and FPS games, here I come!

What is even more great is that I get my console for free, including some extra stuff! I´m hoping that I can haggle GTA IV in to the deal. The reason why I´m getting a free 360 is that I have an account at a swedish mobilephone company, and they offered me a free Xbox if I signed up for 2 more years!

I can´t wait until Monday, so here is Classic Game Room HD´s awesome review of the 360 version of Prototype!

Awesome game...

Castlevania Part I


Castlevania part I is an awesome game for your mobilephone! I haven´t played second part yet but I doubt it will be any less awesome than the first.

If you liked the NES original, this one is given for you. It´s more or less the same game.

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