Far Cry 2


If you haven´t seen the Far Cry 2 graphics engine in motion, you have missed one hell of a good looking game! But is Far Cry 2 more than just an awesome graphics engine?

The original Far Cry had one problem: boring gameplay. It felt like you fought your way through the game without acomplishing anything. Far Cry 2 is one step closer to exciting gameplay, but has some flaws in it aswell. You will find guardposts in the game where there allways will be the same enemies, all the time. This is one annoying feature of the game, but the mechanics of the gameplay is much better than in the original.

The graphics in Far Cry was really revolutionary at the time. Ubisoft managed to release Far Cry before ID Softwares Doom III and Valve's Half Life 2. Together they sort of created the next generation of graphics. Far Cry 2 more or less sharpens it to perfection. The in game day cycle is awesome and the lightning and fire textures are stunning. This is one good looking game.

If you like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or Fall Out III, this one is given!


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