3 Wii games must have


The exclusive Wii games I will buy this year (apart from MadWorld which I already got):

Excitebots: The sequel to the awesome racing game Excite Truck from 2006. I loved Excite Truck and reviewers have given it a great score. There is no release date yet for the european PAL-version, but I hope it will come soon!

Punch Out!!: Is a retro remake of the NES and SNES versions of the game with new 3D design. I want this game so bad because I love the old games very much. Hopefully I might get it this friday (scheduled release date for europe is May 22nd)!
The Conduit: The big FPS game the Wii has been waiting for! Really top edge graphics, online multiplayer and tons of weapons! This could be one of the greatest FPS games ever made! Scheduled to be released in June for  the US (and hopefully europe aswell).


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