Punch Out!!


My copy of Punch Out!! arrived in the mail yesterday two days to early! It must be christmas....

Punch Out!! has fullfilled all my excpectations I had on this game! It is a great homage to the NES version, and I love it! All of the best familliar characters from the original and the Super Punch Out!! SNES game are here plus the new Disco Kid, who fits in the game just like a boxing glove!

The game is round based once again (thank god!) and alot of fun, and for those of you who complete the main story in the game will encounter something different, and fun!

I give this game a rating of 5 of 5 Punch Out!! gloves!


Postat av: DCUnited4

How are the controls? Do you just swing the Wii-mote or do you have to press buttons?

2009-06-14 @ 23:33:30
Postat av: Lord_Brunskog

You can play with only the Wiimote on it´s side like an old school NES controller, or with motion controlls (nunchuck + mote). If you have an balance board you can combine it with the motion controlls.

I prefer the old school type controlls, beacuse the timing gets better.

2009-06-17 @ 11:43:12
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