Air Griffin

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I love Family Guy. I´m one of those who considers Family Guy better then the Simpsons. That´s how i roll.

Air Griffin is a really great game to have on your mobilephone. The game is sort of like the Yeti Sports baseball game (or the Extreme Pingu game) with a twist. Your goal is to get as far as possible with Peter and to watch out for Lois, who can end the game if she catches him.

Pick up Air Griffin and give it a try!

My Wii Collection (so far)


This is my Wii collection! It grows bigger and bigger every month and right now there are 26 games (one missing from the picture = Wario Ware: Smooth Moves) in it!



Joust is a classic arcade game that has been released for the Atari 2600 and Xbox Live Arcade to name a few. This version, however, is the NES version.

Joust is quite a fun and addictive game. Your goal is to stomp on the enemies in order to complete the level. The more levels you complete, the higher the difficulity gets. Quite old school game mechanics that works well even today.

Grab the Jnes NES emulator and test it for yourself!

The real deal


I finally got my hands on a real Super Nintendo system! It´s a lot of fun to have it at home, and it brings back a lot of memories from the days when my own SNES worked. This however isn´t my system, it´s borrowed.

Borrowed or not, a Super Nintendo is a Super Nintendo! Now I can finally play Street Fighter II, Super Soccer, NHL ´96 and Mario Kart on my TV! I need to get hold of Turtles in Time also, one of the most awesome games ever made!

For my Gameplay by Lord_Brunskog videos I use the SNES 9x emulator, the best emulator around. Nothing beats the real deal though.... Final Fight, here I come!



Lumines is a great way to make time move faster if you´re having a slow day. Everyone should have this puzzler on their mobilephone.

Lumines is like Tetris and Bust-a-Move. Your goal is to connect 4 blocks (or more) with the same color in order to destroy them. You can create combos by pileing up extra blocks upon 4 and so on.

This game is great to pick up if you wait for the bus, or if you´re having a lazy time at work.

Punch Out!!


My copy of Punch Out!! arrived in the mail yesterday two days to early! It must be christmas....

Punch Out!! has fullfilled all my excpectations I had on this game! It is a great homage to the NES version, and I love it! All of the best familliar characters from the original and the Super Punch Out!! SNES game are here plus the new Disco Kid, who fits in the game just like a boxing glove!

The game is round based once again (thank god!) and alot of fun, and for those of you who complete the main story in the game will encounter something different, and fun!

I give this game a rating of 5 of 5 Punch Out!! gloves!


Super Punch Out!!


Since I hopefully will get the new Punch Out!! game for my Wii this Friday, I needed to boost my fighting skills in the two old games to see if I am fit for fight!

Super Punch Out!! for the Super Nintendo is a hard game. Mainly because there isn´t any rounds in this game, it´s more of a arcade time trial mode. Nontheless it is fun! Great fighters like Bob Charlie and Bear Hugger is always nice to meet in the ring, and others (like Mr Sandman) takes a while to understand how they move.

I like the NES Punch Out! the most of these two, but Super Punch Out!! is a well designed fighting game that becomes hard to put away... only one more round...

Punch Out!


Since the retro remake of Punch Out!! is going to make it´s debut on the Wii soon, I decided to plow through the 20 year old original.

Punch Out! for the NES is an outstanding game! It probably has the best graphics of any game ever released on the system and the controlls are tight! The amount of replay value is endless and the character design is awesome! I hope Soda Popinski is in the Wii version...

3 Wii games must have


The exclusive Wii games I will buy this year (apart from MadWorld which I already got):

Excitebots: The sequel to the awesome racing game Excite Truck from 2006. I loved Excite Truck and reviewers have given it a great score. There is no release date yet for the european PAL-version, but I hope it will come soon!

Punch Out!!: Is a retro remake of the NES and SNES versions of the game with new 3D design. I want this game so bad because I love the old games very much. Hopefully I might get it this friday (scheduled release date for europe is May 22nd)!
The Conduit: The big FPS game the Wii has been waiting for! Really top edge graphics, online multiplayer and tons of weapons! This could be one of the greatest FPS games ever made! Scheduled to be released in June for  the US (and hopefully europe aswell).

Street Fucker


I found something really awkward some days ago for my Sega Genesis emulator, the game Street Fucker. There is not much to say about this game more than that you have to beat your opponent by throwing your body fluids at him...

This is one sick game, probably a homebrew. I can´t see this game sold on shelves in the 90´s....

Puzzle Bobble


Bub and Bob must be the most awesomest game characters ever created, and Puzzle Bobble must be the greatest puzzle game of all time. I don´t know how many hours I´ve played this on mobilephones in the years.

Puzzle Bobble is a must have if you own a mobilephone. It is a great pass time game, and the time really goes flying by while playing this awesome game!

Greedy Penguins


Greedy Penguins is a mobilephone UIQ-symbian system game, which means that this game can only be played on a phone that supports UIQ like my Sony Ericsson W960i.

This game is quite simple, but fun. Your goal is to keep going down and try to catch as many coins and fishes as you can. If you fall down the screen, the game ends. There is obstacles like spikes, conveyorbelts and bounce mats to make the game a bit more difficult.

If your phone supports UIQ, give Greedy Penguins a try!

Mafia Wars


Mafia Wars is an awesome Facebook application that gives you a huge RPG game!

In Mafia Wars you create your very own gangster member, and by inviting friends via Facebook you also create your own mafia clan. You start out as a small street thug and as you progress your status increases. There is mission objectives that is the main idea of the game, but you can also fight other Mafia Wars player or rob them.

The game seems endless and is alot of fun. If you´ve got Facebook, try this game!


Hangover Youtube watching...


Classic Game Room HD is probably the best source for old and new videogame reviews on the internet. Watch how Mark decide to do a spin off, reviewing Newcastle Brown Ale! Cheers mate!



N is a really great puzzle game that can be downloaded free from this internet site:

In N you take controll over a ninja who´s mission is to survive the puzzly mazes, avoiding homing missiles, patroling robots, machine gun turrets and much more. Your goal is to unlock a exit in each level, and reach it to clear it.

N was released last year (I think?) for the Xbox Live Arcade service, renamed N+. I haven´t tested it on the Xbox 360 yet, but I guess it is more or less as awesome as the free flash game!

What am I Playing

What am I Playing is a blog where you can find out what I´m currently playing. This is just a spin off from my original blog ( and will be updated less frequently.

I hope some will come across this blog and enjoy my takes and thoughts on different games!

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