Super Nintendo

We all love Super Nintendo, that´s a fact!

All my SNES gameplay videos can be found here!

Far Cry 2


If you haven´t seen the Far Cry 2 graphics engine in motion, you have missed one hell of a good looking game! But is Far Cry 2 more than just an awesome graphics engine?

The original Far Cry had one problem: boring gameplay. It felt like you fought your way through the game without acomplishing anything. Far Cry 2 is one step closer to exciting gameplay, but has some flaws in it aswell. You will find guardposts in the game where there allways will be the same enemies, all the time. This is one annoying feature of the game, but the mechanics of the gameplay is much better than in the original.

The graphics in Far Cry was really revolutionary at the time. Ubisoft managed to release Far Cry before ID Softwares Doom III and Valve's Half Life 2. Together they sort of created the next generation of graphics. Far Cry 2 more or less sharpens it to perfection. The in game day cycle is awesome and the lightning and fire textures are stunning. This is one good looking game.

If you like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or Fall Out III, this one is given!

Beautiful Katamari


The japanese game developers must be one of the most special people in the world, and they´re probably smoking dope all the time. The result is this game: Beautiful Katamari.

The goal in this game is to roll up things to make your katamari as big as possible. If yoi succeed with your mission, a star will be born. The graphics of the game isn´t "next gen", but it is very cute and awesome in that japanese way. The music = horrible, but you can switch it off...

Confused? Take a look a this video, it should explain everything!

This game is weird... in a good way!

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men


I came across this game in the local electronics store for only 199 SEK (around 20 dollars) today. I didn´t really know what to expect of it, all I knew was that it was concentrated around co-op and such.

The game has some good and some really bad features, lets start with the good. The level design and story is quite well made and has some unique feel to it. The command feature works quite fine also in some levels. The bad thing about the game is the controls. You will encounter some problems with the aim which can be really annoying at some points. You will shoot at walls in the way of your sight and so on.

All in all Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is a passable game as far as I´ve played it (I have only played it for 2 hours).

Red vs Blue: Recreation

If you haven´t seen this awesome machinima series based on Halo, here you go!

New episodes Modays at Roosterteeth.

Red vs Blue: Recreation

If you haven´t seen this awesome machinima series based on Halo, here you go!



I finally beat GTA IV today, and I have been totally obsessed with this game in a week now! There are so much things to do and to see in this game, Rockstar Games really has out done themselves with this awesome game!

Now I´m off trying to score some achivement points, gotta kill all those god damn pigeons!

Xbox 360


I´ve been playing GTA IV nonstop since I got my Xbox three days ago... it´s an awesome game! Thats why I´ve haven´t uploaded anything new on youtube for the Gameplay by Lord_Brunskog blog.

I´m going to try to upload some new stuff soon, but I´m so amazed by GTA IV that I can´t stop playing it! Almost got late for my job last day because of it! Man, it´s addictive!

Preordered: Wii Sports Resort


Now I´ve preordered Wii Sports Resort! I´m pretty excited about Wii Motionplus and the new door of possibilities that opens for the Wii! The release date for Europe is set for July 27th, and I might do some videos of it (if I get the time).

Sit down and watch this awesome video tour by Josh Thomas of!

This game looks sweet!

Xbox 360 - two days left!


In two days, I´m a happy Xbox 360 owner! Achivements and FPS games, here I come!

What is even more great is that I get my console for free, including some extra stuff! I´m hoping that I can haggle GTA IV in to the deal. The reason why I´m getting a free 360 is that I have an account at a swedish mobilephone company, and they offered me a free Xbox if I signed up for 2 more years!

I can´t wait until Monday, so here is Classic Game Room HD´s awesome review of the 360 version of Prototype!

Awesome game...

Castlevania Part I


Castlevania part I is an awesome game for your mobilephone! I haven´t played second part yet but I doubt it will be any less awesome than the first.

If you liked the NES original, this one is given for you. It´s more or less the same game.

Air Griffin

Click for bigger picture.

I love Family Guy. I´m one of those who considers Family Guy better then the Simpsons. That´s how i roll.

Air Griffin is a really great game to have on your mobilephone. The game is sort of like the Yeti Sports baseball game (or the Extreme Pingu game) with a twist. Your goal is to get as far as possible with Peter and to watch out for Lois, who can end the game if she catches him.

Pick up Air Griffin and give it a try!

My Wii Collection (so far)


This is my Wii collection! It grows bigger and bigger every month and right now there are 26 games (one missing from the picture = Wario Ware: Smooth Moves) in it!



Joust is a classic arcade game that has been released for the Atari 2600 and Xbox Live Arcade to name a few. This version, however, is the NES version.

Joust is quite a fun and addictive game. Your goal is to stomp on the enemies in order to complete the level. The more levels you complete, the higher the difficulity gets. Quite old school game mechanics that works well even today.

Grab the Jnes NES emulator and test it for yourself!

The real deal


I finally got my hands on a real Super Nintendo system! It´s a lot of fun to have it at home, and it brings back a lot of memories from the days when my own SNES worked. This however isn´t my system, it´s borrowed.

Borrowed or not, a Super Nintendo is a Super Nintendo! Now I can finally play Street Fighter II, Super Soccer, NHL ´96 and Mario Kart on my TV! I need to get hold of Turtles in Time also, one of the most awesome games ever made!

For my Gameplay by Lord_Brunskog videos I use the SNES 9x emulator, the best emulator around. Nothing beats the real deal though.... Final Fight, here I come!


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